Who we are
Welcome to the Superstition Mountain Astronomical League.
The Superstition Mountain Astronomical League is a group of amateur astronomers residing in the surrounding communities of Gold Canyon/Apache Junction, Arizona, USA. Basically, the foothills of the Superstition Mountains.
The organization was founded on the vernal equinox of March 20, 2009.
Each year, members of the "League" conduct a series of open house public astronomical observing sessions, commonly called "star parties", to facilitate public education, to provide the community with telescopic views of celestial objects and to answer questions about astronomy and astronomical equipment. In short, this is an opportunity to see the moon, planets, star clusters, galaxies and other astronomical phenomena using sophisticated telescopes and to talk with very knowledgeable and experienced amateur astronomers.
The mission of the Superstition Mountain Astronomical League (SMAL) is to use astronomy in educating each other and our community about the value of science and nature in enriching our lives and that of our children.
The mission and purpose of the League are as follows:
(1) Educate each other and the community at large in techniques of astronomical observing through periodic classes and clinics.
(2) Promote the beauty of the astronomical phenomena that is just overhead through public functions such as star parties and other observing events.
(3) Use astronomy in particular and science in general to foster interest among the young in the pursuit of education and admiration of science and nature overall.
(4) Promote an awareness in the community of our precious dark skies and the importance of preserving and improving them and treating them as the natural resource they are.
The Superstition Mountain Astronomical League conducts a public observing session (aka "Star Party") during the fall, winter and spring at locations throughout the community generally starting at sundown, weather permitting, of course.
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Transit of Venus public showing June 5, 2012  Basha's Plaza

 (L-r) Henner Fahrenbach, Bill Dellinges, Larry Van Becelaere, Kathy Shaheen, Bill Shaheen, Carol Sabo, Bill Frazer, Keith Krueger, Jerry Hyman       
(Not shown: Kathleen Audette, Bill Kennedy, Bill Rudie, Grant Klassen, John Talley, Fred Milenovich, Phil Todd.)