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Version: 20160410.
Modified status to show next month's event and added back the donate button on the Tools page.

Version: 20160505.
​Refreshed embedded HTML code for Google Analytics to use the correct Tracking ID of  UA-76302236-1.

Version 20160712.1
Revised for upcoming 2016-2017 seasoon.

Version 20160722.1
Added Grant's logo to the Home page.

Version 20160828.1
Removed StatCounter HTML

Version 20160901.1-2
Published approved schedule for 2016-2017
Removed Donations prompts from the Tools page.

Version 20161013.1
Added link on the Home page to Groups.io - Notify.

Version 20170106.1
​Added "or come back to this site ..."  and other cosmetic improvements.

Version 20170107.1
Added scheduoe download button.

Version 20170127.1
Added downloadable PDFs of the maps.

Version 20170419.1 & .2
1. After adding all Amazon Ads to date (BARSKA Binoculars). 
2. Converted Goggle Analytics User to UA-76302236-1.