Meet the Astronomers
These are some of the astronomers who host our star parties. They contribute time, energy and personal expense to display the wonders of the night sky to the visiting public.

Although you may not recognize them in the dark, if you do, please thank them.
  1. Partial group photo
    Partial group photo
    Bill Frazer, Henner Fahrenbach, Joe Gerencher, Carol Sabo, Bill Dellinges
  2. Bill Frazer
    Bill Frazer
    With his Meade 8" SCT
  3. Bill Kennedy
    Bill Kennedy
    Bill is building his home observatory in Apache Junction
  4. Bill Shaheen
    Bill Shaheen
    Bill wishes he still had this much hair. :O)
  5. Henner Fahrenbach
    Henner Fahrenbach
    Professor Emeritus
  6. Bill Rudie (on left)
    Bill Rudie (on left)
    Recently retired
  7. Joe Gerencher
    Joe Gerencher
    Homemade star spectrograph.
  8. John Talley
    John Talley
    at a Peralta Trail Elementary School star party
  9. Bill Dellinges
    Bill Dellinges
    Bill hosts the Star Talk lecture series at Lost Dutchman State Park

Kathleen Audette (aka “K”)
K bought her first telescope in 1978

Jim Shedlowsky at McDonald Observatory

  Gene Miller, Michigan